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We are Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Suppliers Manufacturers Exporters in India

Avid Marbles is a Natural Stone Paving Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in India. We carry large stocks Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving in the form of Stone Paving, Cobbles and Setts & Driveway Products. Dholpur Beige Sandstone is one of our fawn creamy beige sandstone, very popular across Europe & USA in large landscaping projects and is also the preferred exterior cladding.

Available in 2 shade variants – mild pink base and off white base

We are one of the leading & independent Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Manufacturers, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Suppliers, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Exporters, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Companies, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Factories, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Producers, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving Wholesalers at Rajasthan in India. This durable & beautiful Indian sandstone is best for usage indoors & outdoors in climates with freezing temperatures and for all Commercial & Residential projects especially to be used as Patios, Pier Caps, Coping Stones, Massive Steps, Terraces, Pavers, Patio Packs, Pool Surrounds, Paths, Driveways, Circle Kits, Spheres, Setts, Stepping Stones, Palisades, Cobbles and Walling Stones, Crazy Paving & Kerb stones etc.
Beige Sandstone Paving Manufacturers from India
Dholpur Beige Sandstone is the most loved Indian Sandstone in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Guatemala, USA, Canada, Bahamas, Russia, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama etc. Throughout the world…stone buyers enquire to Indian Sandstone Suppliers, Indian Natural Sandstone Exporters and Indian Sandstone Manufacturers regarding this beautiful Dholpur Beige Sandstone. This is particularly very popular amongst Indian Paving Stone Importers in UK, Natural Sandstone Suppliers Importers in Ireland and in other European markets. My Friend Smiley IF you have any further question/s regarding this beautiful Indian Stone, please don’t hesitate to contact me at +91-9829446944 (WhatsApp / Viber) or you can EMAIL me right now.

Dholpur Beige Sandstone Specifications

Surface Finishing:
(a) Natural Split Surface / Riven
(b) Natural Split Surface + Brushing
(c) Natural Split Surface + Sandblasting + Brushing
(d) Natural Split Surface + Tumbling
(e) Riven and Calibrated
(f) Sawn Finish
(g) Sawn + Honed
(h) Sawn + Polished
(i) Sawn + Flamed
(j) Sawn + Shot blasting / Sand blasting
(k) Sawn + Shot blasting / Sand blasting + Brushing

Edges Finishing:
Edges can be Hand Dressed or Sawn/Machine cut or Bullnose as per demand
Paving Sizes:
60 Series……..(13 X 60x60 13 X 60x90 13 X 60x29 9 X 29x29) in Calibrated or Riven
56 Series……..(13 X 56x56 13 X 56x28 13 X 56x84 9 X 28x28) in Calibrated or Riven
On Demand any specific sizes……like big gang sawn slabs, small sawn slabs, cut to size tiles etc.

(a) Both Sides Natural Split Surface : 15 - 25 mm / 20-30 mm / 25-40 mm
(b) Calibrated thickness : 22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm…as per your demand
(c) Sawn thickness – 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm…as per your demand
Dholpur Beige Indian Stone Paving Circles:
2 Ring Circle Pack or 2 Ring Squaring Off Kit Pack
3 Ring Circle Pack or 3 Ring Squaring Off Kit Pack

Dholpur Beige Indian Stone Cobbles / Cobblestones / Setts:
10x10x 7-9, 14x14x 3-5, 14x14 x 7-9, 14x14 x 12-14, 14x20 x 3-5, 14x20 x 7-9 , 20x20 x 7-9
Cheapest Indian Sandstone‎ Dholpur Beige from India is also known as Indian Beige Sandstone in International Market.

Dholpur Beige Sandstone Pictures

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We source our extremely popular Dholpur Beige Sandstone material from reputable Dholpur Beige Sandstone Quarries with good working conditions and can guarantee NO CHILD LABOURS in the manufacture. We have yearly checks from major government and non-government agencies that go to the quarry and factories to ensure the workers have good working conditions and most importantly a safe working environment.

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We request you to please visit our Sandstone Factory for any of your requirement of our beautiful Dholpur Beige Sandstone, you can also email us by filling the form at our contact us page. We look forward to receive your valuable business inquiry regarding any of your projects for Dholpur Beige Sandstone Patio Pack, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Cobbles, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Circle Patio Sets, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Paving, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Single Size Paving, Dholpur Beige Sandstone Bullnose Steps, Dholpur Beige Sawn & Shot blasted Paving and Dholpur Beige Sandstone Blocks. It would be our pleasure to begin a mutually beneficial business relationship with you and supply our high quality Dholpur Beige Sandstone from India.

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